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How we design your Bridal Dress

-Pattern me Pretty 2015- 

 It's 2015 (yup, the year Marty McFly is back in the future. ) & Welcome back! 

If you are someone who cares about the origin of where and how your one and only wedding dress is to be made, in the next coming months of this year I would like to give you an insight of the special process. :) 
This is the pattern room, a section of my atelier in London, where ideas, concepts & sketches are translated to patterns for construction. Each design goes over multiple pattern stages until I have reached the ultimate goal with a design. Each pattern revision is thoroughly thought out. Every design in my collections undergoes this stage. As a designer I aim to really capture the nuances of a modern day woman whilst keeping in mind lifestyle, timeless aesthetics and a tailor fit look. I love the idea that my designs begin to transform in this pattern room (and sometimes random design creations happens as well|).  As both a designer and conscious business owner, it's a joy to create your dress here in London.



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