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Welcome to a new Sheena Solis Bride blog segment called 'Day in the Life of'  where I will get to converse and interview my wedding industry peers & experts to get some real answers that will assist all inquisitive brides-to-be and better prepare you for your big day! #dayinthelifeof #sheenabride to follow this new blog series. 

In today's blog, I recently got to catch up with a lovely wedding industry peer  and good friend of mine, Amy Thorne - Wedding Industry Expert, Business Owner and mum.  Over a lovely cup of coffee, yummy lunch and a fantastic view of Lincoln Catherdal from the rooftop of the Restaurant: The Terrace on the Bail, I got to ask Amy some real questions about Brides, Wedding Planning, and being a passionate Business Owner all while being a Mum.   Get a 101 insight of planning your wedding from a talented Expert. 

Sheena:  I like to start off with the following questions. What's your favorite season in the UK? And what are your favorite colours?
Amy:Every season is beautiful in its own way, so it’s really hard to choose one and depending on the season depends on the colour too. So I’m afraid I have to be greedy and say all of them! Spring – blush and neutral tones are my favourite, against the lushness of the season is just beautiful. Summer – has to be brights – I’m a big lover of cerise pinks. Autumn – a mix of orange, bronze and green in a woodland setting. Winter – purple tones mixed with a metallic silver.
Sheena:  Why do you like Weddings? 
Amy:It’s lovely to be part of and share in such a special day. It is the start of an exciting chapter in a couple’s life and it is the ‘best feeling’ to have helped create, style and manage such a beautiful day.
   Sheena: How do you balance your career and being a mum?
Amy:I’m not sure I’ve still got it quite right. My career does take over a little and I still need to
tweak my work / life balance. Having said that I do pretty well, I am always my own worse
critic. My career gives Genevieve time to learn and develop tremendously in a fantastic
nursery, have special time with Daddy at weekends and extra time with Grandparents. She
is a little superstar and she means the world to me. I still need to make time for more
cuddles though, best feeling ever as a mummy!
  Sheena: Do you think being a mum has advantages to you as a wedding planner?  Does it have advantages to you owning your own business as well? 
Amy:Absolutely. I was always a fantastic organiser, creative and good with people, but being a mum makes you an even better time manager, even better with people and it is nice to be
able to relate with pretty much anyone. It also makes you more patient and tolerant! Life
experience is key to being an excellent wedding planner as well as the usual skill set. It is
also massively beneficial to having my own business, it makes me strive to do better for her
future. I can’t wait for Genevieve to talk about ‘mummy’s business’ in school.
   Sheena: What inspired you to get into Wedding & Event Planning? And Why?
Amy:I was basically fed up of the corporate world, I’d always wanted to do something more
creative and people based. It took me a few years before I could retrain due to
circumstances and finances but when I did I felt driven, inspired and hungry for a career in
the wedding industry. I spent years doing jobs that bored me and gave me no satisfaction.
Having said that I feel this time really built the foundations for my business as sometimes it
is good to do things you don’t like to appreciate what you love.
  Sheena: What do you like most about Wedding Planning? Can you describe your process?
 Amy:It is great to get a new Bride / Couple signed up of course, naturally. I love the whole
process though from enquiry, consultation, quote, conversion, contract, schedule, action
plan, venue searches, supplier searches, menu tastings, day in detail meetings through to
the day itself. The best part though is naturally their appreciation (whether that be a smile,
hug, thank you, mentioned in the speech or a gift) on the day and it is always lovely to
receive a handwritten thank you.
  Sheena: How is your client and Wedding Planner relationship? What can a typical Bride expect?
Amy:My clients are like friends to me. We go through so much together between them booking me and their wedding day. I am their eyes and ears and it is so important we have the same type of personalities and that I can see their vision. My expertise, knowledge, skills,
reputation and approachable nature make us the perfect partnership on their wedding
planning journey, whether this is full planning or just wedding day management.
   Sheena: Why is it a good idea to have a Wedding Planner?
Amy: I will be totally honest, not everybody wants or needs a Wedding Planner, and it really
depends on their circumstances and chosen venue. A Wedding Planner is great if they don’t
live in the area (another area of the UK or overseas), want somebody independent especially
if there are lots of personality clashes with family, bridesmaids, etc or they are a professional
couple with literally no time. I would definitely recommend a Wedding Planner for a
marquee, tipi, or village hall wedding where there is no venue coordinator. It is also
beneficial if the wedding is across two venues as I can be the ‘point of contact’ and have the
‘master plan’.
  Sheena: Can you describe the hectic moments, beautiful moments and special moments of a Wedding Day as a Wedding Planner?
Amy: There are plenty of hectic moments on a wedding day, making sure everything is perfect and in place, making sure suppliers have delivered everything, ensuring no guests see the bride, the list goes on. Beautiful moments are always the ceremony, I quite often get a tear in my eye as I have worked with the couple and know what it means to them. The speeches as well, especially the Father of the Brides. Special moments are just being there and being part of the family / friends celebration. It is an honour to be there and be part of it.
  Sheena: What would you say is the biggest fear for brides? And as a wedding Planner how do you comfort your brides?
Amy: It’s hard to say, every Bride is different. Top three are probably, nobody will want to come,will I look beautiful and what if it rains. I am there 24 / 7 for my brides and always a friendly ear willing to listen and offer guidance, advice and reassurance whenever its needed.
Whatever a bride discusses with me goes no further, it’s a special bond between planner
and bride and I very often keep in touch with them after the wedding which is really lovely.
   Sheena:  What is your favorite wedding venue?
Amy: Washingborough Hall of course. As well as having my own Wedding Planning business I also work alongside Lucy Herring on their beautiful weddings with the lovely title ‘Director of
Romance’. A beautiful Georgian country house exclusive wedding venue. This really is the
best in Lincolnshire, a truly stunning venue, great team, amazing food and the whole
package. I am very lucky to be part of Lucy’s team and absolutely love sharing in the
weddings there.
  Sheena:  We have collaborated on a couple of photo-shoots together and you have successfully coordinated and creatively directed a whole photoshoot for my bridal collection.  What are the similarities and differences between these gorgeous photo-shoots and using your creative talents for a "real" bride's wedding?
 Amy: A styled shoot is slightly different to a real wedding as whilst I love to be creative in my own way it is their day and not mine, so I create / find what they want but it is still styled and
coordinated to perfection. Styled shoots are great to show how different ideas can work,
probably a little bit of my personality is thrown in as well. I can adapt to any style though
which is key to being a Wedding Planner and Stylist.
 Sheena: As a creative wedding stylist, how do you capture the essence of a bride who doesn't know what she wants?  
Amy: I like to visit their home, find out their interests, style and background. My aim is to extract their vision out of their head and onto paper. Mood boards, brainstorming, images are all used. Even going shopping with them for a day makes you see what they like, dislike. It is their day and so important to reflect their style and personalities.
 Sheena: What has been your favorite client wedding you have planned so for? 
Amy:I really don’t have a favourite. There are elements of them all that have been fantastic and I really couldn’t single out one wedding.
Sheena: What type of wedding are you waiting to add to your portfolio? 
Amy:It would have to be a Celebrity Wedding – Emma Watson.

 Sheena: What makes a Wedding Classic, yet true and authentic to a bride's style & personality?
Amy:Simple, elegant and timeless are all part of a classic wedding. Different elements can be
incorporated to match the bride’s style. Every bride is unique and individual and they need
to feel comfortable.
 Sheena: What are your tips on having a timeless yet trendy wedding? 
Amy:Choose traditional roses in the bouquet, an elegant bridal gown and everything classic and timeless. The trendy elements can be the seating plan, favours and the little details that
their guests know are part of them as well as quirky props and fun photos.
 Sheena: How soon should brides get in touch with you for a wedding? 
Amy:Two weeks to two years. It really doesn’t matter what stage they are at. They may need
help straight away with a planning kickstart, venue search or full / partial planning. Further
along with a little bit of wedmin, or nearer the end for my bridal burnout or wedding day
management packages.
 Sheena: Lastly, describe how you would plan a wedding that took place in your favorite UK season and the theme based on your favorite colours.
Amy: I’m going to have to choose one now aren’t I! OK here goes, let’s choose autumn. My
husband’s family have some woods down in Dorset and I would love to be able to have
wedding ceremonies there. Woodland theme, tree houses, oranges, greens, bronzes, pine
cones, floral arches, slight boho vibe with floral crowns, true rustic heaven. Followed by a
reception in a lodge style venue with close family and friends, open fires, hearty food,
beautiful wine. Everything warm, inviting, scrumptious yet elegant and opulent. I’m loving
this already and think I may need to create a mood / design board (just in case)!
To find out more about Amy Thorne or to get in touch with her. Visit her website HERE
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